ceebirdy replied to your post: "i wait for people to send messages an…

ew is he in the podcast


he said it about tumblr

he uses it as a platform to ‘try out the internet’ or whatever so he waits for messages to be mean

blaine goddamn


"it’s fucking cool"

"i wait for people to send messages and then i be jerks to them"

thanks jordan


trott: [stops talking to smiff for 5 seconds]

smiffy: [making sad groaning/whining noises] trott. troooooott. fucks sake trott. trottimus. chris trott aka trottimus of hat films. trott. ttttttttttttttrrrrrrrrrrrRRROOOOTTTTTTTTTTTT


Jordan visits Caleb - Day 2 [x]
(don’t worry, Caleb, you’re still the prettiest)

why whitewash when u can racebend


a quick lil parvis


parvill replied to your post: i want to draw but idk what, „ a tragedy

Maybe draw kirin?


Why would u want to draw people white when they’re not….

Why would you wanna think of ppl as white when they’re not…

Why do u wanna whitewash people when you could just…not do that

Hello, friend.

Hello, friend.



still hung up on role reversals

I’m going to show this to Way of Time. I wonder if he might like to commission some work from this artist. I absolutely adore the kind of Burton-esque Caroline vibe I’m getting from that visualization of blood magic, and it definitely takes the edge off it without reducing the creepiness factor.


sipsco: big money, big women, big fun

strife solutions: big money, no guilt, no nonsense

lol my dad just got home and he was like i was reading a black conservative and /he/ said that black people are more racist than white people and also the definition says

shut the fuck up you’re full of shit just /stop/

reminder that xephos always makes honeydew be the big spoon