I can just see this being in coffee shop au


I can just see this being in coffee shop au

Who out of the whole place do you think could successfully kidnap and hold Smiffy for ransom?


trott, of course

well at least evilisa is gone. thats good right?

I wouldn’t wish #suicide on anyone, no matter what they did


strife: did you just say that you have a boytoy?

parv: yeah, you’re my boytoy

remember the time that strife asked what tickled parv’s pickle

and parv p much said as long as they do blood magic they’d fit the bill


hello i am the ONLY COW URL

yeah this is jack now he changed his url and icon at the same time  bc he is a SHITLORD

he deleted his blog...

R you talking about jack? Bc his blog just changed names

"now listen, if this was a white kid"

shut the fuck up asshole

strife: okay, this piece of equipment? it’s awesome

parv: that’s pretty fucking cool, that’s pretty fucking cool- can you get me one?

strife: i might be able to

[8 mins later]

strife: [makes generator, and atomic disassembler]

strife: check the crafting table

parv: ohhh my god it’s a thingy for me!!

donotchoosesidesyet replied to your post: strife: ow ow /ow/- fricken vines parv…

parv taking note and using his ever-expanding magic to make vines that will grab will and drag him up until he’s hanging upside down and trapped tho. parv can just look at him and steal his glasses before they fall to the ground too.

i mean he could try that

but he could just as easily call martyn to come get him bc this

strife: ow ow /ow/- fricken vines

parv: maybe we should get rid of the vines, and put some torches down and stuff

strife: i uh i think- i like the vines

is jack ok? what happened?



But dude can be gender neutral ??

lmao if someone tells you not to call them something you don’t call them that it’s not funny